Prise list and booking


Below you will find the price list for this season. You can also find information and rules which apply for booking. You get discount on track bikes if you're a member of Dellanbanan friends.

Tandem bike

3 adults maximum, or 2
adults and 2 children is ok

Single bike

2 people maximum, or one
adult and 2 children is ok


380 SEK

550 SEK

380 SEK

750 SEK

800 SEK


95 SEK per peson

15 % of bike rent

500 SEK

770 SEK

500 SEK

880 SEK

900 SEK


Half day 9-13/13-17

Day 9-17/13-21

Evening 17-21

Whole day 9-21

24 hours


Picknick basket

Cancelling of booking

Prices 2018

We are cooperating with

Information required for booking:


• Full name

• Complete address

• Telephone/Mobile

• Email address

• The number of railbikes required and type

• Date and time of trip

Ring the station if you return to Delsbo after 5:00pm

Tel: 0653 16460

Payment alternatives:


• Payment card at Delsbo Station

• Cash payment

• Advanced payment via your bank

• Company invoice

Järnvägsföreningen Dellenbanans Vänner:


The railway association Dellan banan friends: The office at Delsbo station is open from June 1st - August 30th , from 9am till 5pm.



Stationsgatan 9

820 60 DELSBO


Phone: 0653-164 60