Km posts Delsbo- Hybo

407 Delsbo station, the viaduct over Kalvstigen


The points at km post 407.


406 Delsbo town hall


404 Hammarsvall


402 Straight stretch, Here there was once a saw mill


Road crossing at km post 402


Stop forbidden at km post 402 to 401 because of a recreational settement.


401 Långbacka Station. The platform remains as does the station house.

Långbacka Rest area and bathing area. About 300 m after Långbacka station when traveling from Delsbo.


400 Skog. Lången to the north side of the tracks. A bathing area just after the last cottage.


398 Skog The village Kallbergs lies north of the forest by the main road 84.


396  You can see the canal from this point. It was built in the 1860s and was used in motlutsflottningen. For 25 years before the railways line was built. Slångeborg view point and picnic area are on the north side.


Road crossing at km point 396.


395 Grytten lake


394 around 7 million logs came through  motlutsflottningen from 1860 to 1885.


393 When Grytten lake come into view again you have entered Ljusdal district.


392 Pastures for horses.


391 This was once Gryttjesbo halt.


390 Around this area the wooden flume ran down to Grytten.


389 At this point a siding went southbound towards ”Kalahea”, a big graval train which was responsible for the raw material for long stretches of Dellenbanans embankment.


388 Before 1939 the timber piles stood quite close to the fields by the line.


387 Hybosågen , on the south side of the line, was up until 1938 Sweden's biggest inland saw mill. It was built at the same as the railway line 1887-1888. After a fire in 1922 the mill was rebuilt.


Road crossing at km post 388.


386 Hybo station was built in1886-88 from the same blue prints as Olskrogens station (now torn down) and Näsviken's and kimstad's (south of Norrköping) stations.

Hybo was for a while a larger community than Ljusdal. During the later parts of the 1900s a number of locomotives were scraped here. Remains of the old hoist plant where logs were loaded from Ljusnan onto railway wagons remain down at the wharf on Hybosjön.


385 The railbikes track ends after a road crossing by a fence just before the line separates with the northern main line.


Crossing for roadway at km post 385.


Northern mainline after km post 385. This is for train traffic.



Km posts Delsbo - Vi

407 Delsbo Station


Points at km post 407


408 Bobygds Road.


Crossing for roadway at km post 408


411 Fredriksfors to the east of the station. Here there was once a real railway station.


Crossing for roadway at km post 411


412 Public highway 84


415 Norra Sannäs, Sandudden halt


416 Recreational settlement


Stop forbidden at km post 416 till 418 on account of

a recreational settlement.


416- 417 Drive with caution!! a rail is wider here

418 Gammelbruket – Rest area and bathing area. Follow the path.


419 Sockengräns Delsbo- Forsa.


420 Kilkur, Contains


421 Djupdal. From here you can see Borgarbergets ancient castle on the other side of the lake.


422 Two tunnels, 137m respective 163m long.


Tunnels at km post 422. Increase safety distance to 50m.


423 Sheep fence

424 Kaffegruset. Bathing and rest place, right by the side of Dellenbanan.


Points at km post 424


Road crossing at km post 424


Näsviken, Get off here and push your railbike over the first bridge, there is a fault on  the width of the track.


425 Tamms Canal with lock on the other side of Näsviken station.

       Ånsågen,: Here there was onve a big sawmill. The area is called Hillen.


426 Overpass Rolfsta.


430 Forsa church. Here you can see the station house from 1859  untill 1888, on the other side of Rolfstaån. At that time it was the   worlds most northerly station house.

Forsa station after 1888.


431 Forsa public high school to the right.


432 Hedsta, to the right beyond Hedsta lies Sörforsa.


433 Public highway 84 goes in the viaduct over the railway.


434 Here the 1860 embankment turns to the left and joins together with the public highway 84. There is also a graffitied wall.


437 Transformatorstation. The built up area of Hudiksvall begins here. The railway line goes into the viaduct over the E4.


438 The old E4 goes in the viaduct and over the railway line. The line ends at the old public highway 13.


Järnvägsföreningen Dellenbanans Vänner:


The railway association Dellan banan friends: The office at Delsbo station is open from June 1st - August 30th , from 9am till 5pm.



Stationsgatan 9

820 60 DELSBO


Phone: 0653-164 60