Traffic Rules and Safety Notices


Rail bikes are classed as vehicles in traffic just like a car or bicycle on the road. Drivers of
rail bikes are responsible for the rail bikes ans should have read the required safety rules.
You will be driving over roadways, crossings and you will meet with other riders along the line.


Follow the safety notices and information which is given to you by the staff and please observe the signs along the line to prevent derailment, personal injury and damage to the bikes.

• The rail bikes are heavy vehicles, they roll very easily and can reach high speeds.
This could lead to personal injury if for example the bike should derail.

Rail bikes need time to stop, brake in good time!

Make the stop signal for other rail bikes travelling behind you.

• Always keep a distance of at least 20 metres between other rail bikes.

20 m

20 m

• Rail bikes must NEVER be connected together with other rail bikes in any way.

• Stop signs are to be obeyed at all times at all crossings. Climb off the rail bike and push it over the crossing.


• It is not possible for rail bikes to travel over points, climb off the rail bike and push it over the points.

• Rail bikes that travel from the east (Hudiksvall) have right of way.


• No alcohol or drugs are to be used on the rail bike.


• The tracks are cleaned regularly  but twigs, branches, stones or rubbish can appear on them now and then. If you should see anything like this on the tracks we would be very grateful if you could stop and remove any such objects. Please report any damage to the booking office.


• Your own accident insurance covers you should any injury occur.


• Children under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult when riding track bikes. Children who ride on the track bikes must be big enough to be able to sit safely on their own. Children under 5 must be held by an adult at all times. It is recommended that all riders wear cycle helmets.


• Riding of rail bikes is only allowed between Vi in Hudiksvall (where the line ends) and just after Hybo railway station (by the railway crossing).


• Please take any possible litter back with you to Delsbo station.


Järnvägsföreningen Dellenbanans Vänner:


The railway association Dellan banan friends: The office at Delsbo station is open from June 1st - August 30th , from 9am till 5pm.



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